Camion Freres Wafer Iron, European c. 1878

Play-size Wagner Waffle Iron with Nickel Fnish c. 1910

Bakers Oven Lamp, American c. 1840s

Enameled Spiders, European, 20th century

Three Waterman Triple Gem Pans, with Exhortations, c. 1860’s

English Chocolate Pot, c. 1890’s

Griswold Hearts & Star Gem Pans

Griswold Skillets, Sizes No. 2’s and No. 4’s

Hand Wrought Wafer Iron Chiseled and Incised c. 1700’s

Troy Bird Mouth Tea Kettle, American

Springerle Molds, Pennsylvania German

Herring Broilers, Arbra, Sweden

Waffle Iron with Engraved Recipe, USA

European Enameled Aspic Molds, French & German

Tetsubin with Overall Geometric Pattern

Variety of Wrought and Cast Wafer Molds and Tongs

Japanese Saki Pot

Swivel Spider, with Various Hearth Pots and Skillets, Early American

Griswold Wheat Stick Pans

Enameled Ebelskiver Pans

Griswold Hearts & Star, Waffle Iron with High Collar

Alfred Anderson Wafer Mold, c. 1880’s

Tetsubin with Overall Floral Pattern

Fish Gelatin Molds, European

Pint Sized Teakettles, American c. 1820’s

Bouche Iron / Patty Mold, Hand Wrought, French, c. 1875

Buster Brown and Tige Waffle Iron with High Collar, c. 1906

Swedish Waffle Irons c. 20th Century

Crispy Corn and Crispy Wheat Pans

Tetsubin Kanebukuro in High Relief, Imitating the Money Purse of Inexhaustible Richies

Liliput, Play-size European Waffle Maker c. 1920

Butter Pat, Pewter on Wood, French Pre-Napoleon

1930’s Ice Shavers